Edmonton , Alberta, Canada


For a number of years, Monica Dear presented a ukulele session to Music Education students in my Instruments for Children class at the University of Alberta.  Under her skillful tutelage, the students learned many useful playing and teaching techniques. Monica also went to the extra trouble of bringing her Grade 6 students to demonstrate what she had taught them at her school.  After one 80-minute session with Monica, these pre-service teachers felt not only enthused but empowered to teach children how to play the ukulele.
                               Bob de Frece, Professor Emeritus, Music & Music Education, University of Alberta 

Monica Dear is highly skilled educator and a highly skilled musician.  I really appreciate going to her sessions because she is able to articulate concepts in a way that will make sense to my students when I share them. She speaks fluent 'teacher'.  She understands the realities of the classroom such as time constraints, attention span and ability level and shares strategies in how to overcome them.  I have a great deal of respect for Monica's methods as she develops solid musicianship in the students that will serve them well regardless of how they choose to pursue music in the future.

                                                                                      Angela McKeown, Edmonton Public Schools

Monica Dear is the best! She breaks down the uke-playing challenge into bite sized pieces so that everyone can become a musician-and quickly. As a music specialist in the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna public school teacher and adjunct prof at UBCO, I use her materials and have not only become better at the uke myself, but have seen so many (aged 8-88) become better too. The Ukulele Princess is a Canadian treasure! 
                                                                                                         Rhonda Draper, Kelowna, B.C.

I just completed a really enjoyable ukulele class with Monica Dear.  

It was spread out over 4 Monday nights (2hrs/night) and I feel confident and ready to teach ukulele to my students. When this course is offered again. I would strongly suggest taking it. It was fantastic!   
                                                                                 Regan MacGregor, Edmonton Catholic Schools

Just finished a most fantastic four day ukulele tutorial with Monica Dear!  Absolutely great Monica! 
I recommend anyone looking to enhance their ukulele teaching skills should most definitely take a course with her. Thanks again Monica for all your expertise!!                  
                                                                             Donna Mae Mohrmann, Edmonton Public Schools

I attended a Ukulele session with Monica Dear and thoroughly enjoyed my time. Four music teachers from EPSB met four times after school and Monica taught us the basics of playing and teaching Ukulele to students. Monica provided us with a very useful, easy to follow package of notes that I will use to help guide my teaching. As someone new to Ukulele I appreciated learning in a small group where Monica could tailor the session to our skill level and needs. It is very evident that Monica loves teaching Ukulele and I would recommend her session to anyone that wants to learn to play Ukulele.
                                                                                              Beth Brooks, Edmonton Public Schools

I did the ukulele 4 session series with Monica back in November and it was so helpful to get me started in teaching ukulele in the classroom.  I received a lot of one on one help with there being only 4 of us learning.  She has so many years of experience and I really benefited from her expertise, including all those small tips and bits of advice to help with the whole process!  I would highly recommend taking these sessions from Monica to really get you prepared and feeling confident to teach ukulele.
                                                                                      Vivianne Kruhlak, Edmonton Public Schools

Monica gave an excellent, engaging workshop on using ukuleles in the classroom. She is one of the most experienced and skilled music teachers in our district and the PD was the most meaningful I have had at a catchment PD.
                                                                                          Kathy Turnock, Edmonton Public Schools

For our catchment area P.D. day, we had Monica Dear leading a ukulele session. It was absolutely wonderful! Even though I have played ukulele for years, I learned so much about technique.

I was also impressed with Monica’s teaching technique and her positive approach with everyone no matter what level they were at. I am looking forward to more sessions with her!
                                                                                          Brenda Bracke, Edmonton Public Schools

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful ukulele course you taught us. I really appreciate all the tips and tricks you shared with us and especially for sharing some great ideas for songs to teach our students! You truly are an exceptional musician and an amazing teacher! The students that have had you for a teacher are so lucky as you have brought so much to their lives by sharing your passion for music with them! Likewise, I am inspired by your passion, creativity, and enthusiasm for music education. I still don't know when but at some point in the next while I'm going to unleash those triangular ukes to my students and I know it's going to be a remarkable time for them and me!

Thanks again Ukulele Princess! 

                                                                                             Jenny Samm, Edmonton Public Schools