Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Highlands Ukulele gang

What better community activity could there be? (well, I'm sure there are a lot of other good ones too...)

For Edmonton area people, some of the folks from the Highlands community started gathering together a few years ago to learn, play, sing, have fun, repeat! 

We now meet at Theo's Studio in the Strathearn neighbourhood, just above the Juniper Bistro.

To be sure, ALL are welcome, 14 yrs and up, we're not just from Highlands anymore (Toto).

We meet for 8 week sessions, to learn, improve our skills, play and sing together.

There are two classes on Sunday afternoons, one for beginners and one for more-than-beginners.

$100 for the 8 classes.  $15 for Drop-In.

Email monica@ukuleleprincess.com for more information.

4X4 for Ukulele Fun    OR 
Ukulele Date Night for the Risk Takers

  • 4 friends
  • 4 ukulel​es

  • 4 nights
  • 4 hundred dollars ($25/person/night)

Fun activity for girls night out, guys night out, family night out or in, friends, two couples, pick a combo!
Learn to play ukulele or improve your skills.

Sing and play together, four one hour sessions will give you a nice start. 
That is $100/person for four sessions.
Then go ye into all the world and do it on your own or sign up for another set of 4 X 4.

Other Ideas or needs

for Private instruction, professional development

...let’s talk
...Teachers - for Professional Development/Learning, see the Offerings For Teachers and Inspiredsections of this website